Any employer who has been on the receiving end of a lawsuit filed by the EEOC or a similar state agency is aware that a standard requirement of settling this type of case is entering into a “consent decree.” A consent decree is a public record (which the agency will publicize on its website) that sets […]

Employers are finding that many employees are interested in HSAs and the health plan that makes them possible: the high deductible health insurance plan (HDHP). HSAs offer many benefits, but they continue to be a complex area for consumers and employers to navigate. Additionally, although the Affordable Care Act didn’t directly change HSAs, it has […]

As unemployment rates continue to fall, a new study finds that more than half of employees are open to leaving their jobs. A company’s benefits package is becoming a major factor in where these employees look. HR consulting firm Aon Hewitt found that 52% of employees surveyed would leave their job for another company. Forty-four […]

The Affordable Care Act public exchange system is heading toward its fourth annual open enrollment period with a future that’s about as uncertain as it was in 2014. Open enrollment for coverage that starts Jan. 1 is set to begin Nov. 1. Now, everyone knows that the ACA exchange system can get more than 10 million people covered, […]

The typical argument in favor of the United States’ unique system of health care often centers on the freedom consumers have to choose the benefits that best meet their needs. In reality, however, few Americans are truly health care shoppers. Most get insurance through their employer, and even if the employer offers an array of […]

Offering employees voluntary benefits is a way to set your company apart from competitors as the job market continues to thrive. For companies large and small, benefits can be used to attract new talent and, importantly, retain the talent you have by offering non-traditional benefits beyond typical health insurance. The variety of voluntary benefits has […]

The right—and wrong—investing risks in retirement Building a safe portfolio that provides the desired returns can be a daunting task, as performance of these investments can be volatile, according to this article on Money. High-yielding investments come with a significant risk, as exemplified by exchange-traded funds that own energy master limited partnerships. Morningstar claims that […]

In a rare moment of bipartisan collaboration, Republicans and Democrats agreed last year to suspend the implementation of the controversial “Cadillac tax” on the most expensive health insurance plans for two years. Intended to go into effect in 2018, the tax will not be implemented until 2020, assuming Congress does not suspend it again or […]

Once limited mostly to large companies, self-funding is now becoming accessible to even smaller employer groups. The Affordable Care Act is changing the landscape of health insurance. Options that once seemed very risky and unsuitable for small businesses are now being considered as viable options. Community rating As of Jan. 1, 2016 the definition of […]

Employees are more likely to stay at their company if they have a strong sense of community, according to new research. That can include from everything from workplace atmosphere and how well one gets along with coworkers to benefits packages and other perks. HR startup Gusto, formerly ZenPayroll, polled 618 small business owners and 501 […]

By Jeffrey M. Rosin, partner at the Boston and New York offices of Constangy, Brooks, Smith & Prophete, LLP For several years now, franchisors have been the subject of attention in the labor and employment law arenas, and new rules and regulations are challenging franchise relationships in a number of ways. One increasingly important legal […]

In the immortal words of Snoop Dogg, “I got my mind on my money and my money on my mind.” Knowing how much money is in the bank is always a priority. Without it there would be no home, car, education, toys, phone, anything. That is why when financial stresses become too heavy the motivation […]

Introduction Small businesses are making many changes to health insurance offerings, and those changes are leading to employee questions. As a result, the appropriate communication from advisers is vital making benefits a success. Zane benefits shares its top 10 questions received from employees. Who selects my health insurance plan – me or my employer? The […]

They say the more things change, the more they remain the same. Case in point: the reformation of the U.S. healthcare system under the banner of the Affordable Care Act. When the new laws were first implemented, confusion abounded. Thousands of pages of legislation were written, leaving employers, their workforces and even some benefits professionals […]

High-deductible group health plans may get much of their power to hold down claim costs by pushing the lowest-wage workers to use cheaper drugs. At one large U.S. manufacturer that offers high-deductible coverage, the enrollees who had coverage through a low-wage appear to be spending about 70 percent less on prescription drugs. Use of high-deductible […]

10 healthcare differences between Clinton, Trump As the presidential candidates continue stumping around the country, many will hear their views on the current state of healthcare in the United States. Corporate Synergies, an employer benefits brokerage and consultancy, has rounded up the views of Republican nominee Donald Trump and Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton on many […]

A bill approved by the California legislature this week represents a major milestone for consumer and patient advocates. Under the new law, which was passed by both houses of the legislature and is expected to be signed by Gov. Jerry Brown, most Californians who receive treatment at a hospital or clinic that is within their […]

With healthcare costs continually rising, an increasing number of employers are providing their employees with more choices when it comes to health insurance plans. This is helping employers save money on insurance premiums, but it’s making the decision process more difficult for employees. The key to helping employees make the best decision in a consumer-driven […]

Healthcare costs are rising. And as employers face higher price tags, many are pushing costs onto workers to help maintain budgets. The average cost per covered employee has increased by nearly $500 in the span of one year, according to the Society for Human Resource Management’s new Health Care Benchmarking Report, released Tuesday. Employers spent […]

For 2017, PwC’s Health Research Institute projects a 6.5% growth rate in medical cost trends, the same as in the current year. They also report signs that the decade’s slowing medical cost growth rate could tick back up as new healthcare access points increase utilization. Alex Tolbert is the founder of Bernard Health, a company […]

The healthcare industry is in the midst of a shift toward consumerism. Driven by rising healthcare costs, employers continue to shift financial responsibility to their employees in the form of higher deductibles and out of pocket costs. This change represents a complete paradigm shift for consumers, who must now take a more active role in […]

Do you remember Dec. 18 when Congress and the president delayed the Cadillac tax until 2020? Do you remember reading that the same new law also placed a one-year moratorium on the annual fee the Affordable Care Act imposes on most health insurers? Because this moratorium was for 2017, I filed this latter news in […]

The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) is laser-like focused on scrutinizing employer personnel policies. In yet another example of this ongoing campaign, a recent administrative law judge (ALJ) decision highlights how some common employer’s handbook policies can be found to be unlawful. Here are just a few of the policies the ALJ considered and found illegal: […]

(Bloomberg) — Premiums for the most popular type of insurance plans sold through the Affordable Care Act (ACA) marketplaces will rise faster in 2017 than in recent years, according to a study released Wednesday. Consumer payments for the two lowest-cost “silver” plans will rise by an average of 10 percent to 11 percent next year, […]

California Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones is opposing efforts by Aetna to acquire Humana. The California Department of Managed Health Care gave the Aetna-Humana its blessing Monday. Aetna, which is based in Hartford, Connecticut, and Louisville, Kentucky-based Humana, say they need to team up to do a better job of bargaining with large hospital companies and […]

(Bloomberg View) — One can imagine all sorts of Republican health care plans that might now be under consideration if John McCain had won the election in 2008, or if Obamacare had failed to pass. (Of course, one can also imagine that there would be no plan at all, other than “Let’s not talk about […]

Soon the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) will begin notifying employers about employees receiving advance premium tax credits (APTC) or subsidies for 2016 on the ACA federally facilitated exchange. For an idea of what the notice will look like, see the sample employer notice recently posted by HHS. In his May 10, 2016 post […]

At the risk of sounding like an enormous understatement, Donald Trump is an unusual presidential candidate. While it is his unconventional behavior that elicits the greatest fascination, his stances or lack of stance on major issues bring the most discomfort to many conservative leaders. <a href=”″ target=”_blank”>< img src=”″ border=0 width=300 height=250></a> No issue better […]

This year is considered an important one because of the “full implementation” of the employer mandate   Although the Affordable Care Act was passed in 2010, there has been a timeline of implementation — with some components being immediately implemented, while others have been implemented over time in 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015. In addition, some components of […]

As the first season of Affordable Care Act reporting comes to a close, employers have learned some key lessons. Here’s a snapshot of what worked, what didn’t and how to move forward. –By now, employers should realize that the ACA reporting requirements serve three main functions: To ensure that employers are offering coverage to their […]

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